Cyber Security

Cyber security has become an important topic for the maritime sector mainly due to the digital transformation which brings associated cyber threats and requires advanced defense solutions. 

Up till a few years ago, the maritime industry enjoyed close to zero cyber attacks, however, the situation has deteriorated rapidly. 

Cyber breaches have been reported by maritime shipping companies over the years amounting to hundreds of millions of dollars of accrued damages.

While attacks do occur in the commercial sector on a regular basis when it comes to the maritime sector most cyber-attacks go unreported and avoid implications.

Seagull and its partners are extending physical maritime protection into the modern maritime environment - providing an end-to-end cybersecurity suite and providing cybersecurity regulation coverage.

The addition of a Maritime Security Operative (MSO) that has both physical and cybersecurity capabilities demonstrates the unique approach of Seagull Maritime.

Using the reach and maritime experience of Seagull combined with the technological innovation and knowhow of our partners, Seagull provides ship owners and operators full visibility over their assets on board and shield these assets from cyber-attacks. 


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