As part of Seagull's never-ending endeavors to provide our clients with comprehensive services concerning security and risk mitigation, we are proud to present our latest product in the field of maritime insurance.

With Seagull teams on board - a service that dramatically reduced the chances of a Hijack, and using our intel and industry capabilities, we have access to preferential premiums for K&R insurance.

We have partnered with one of the most reliable specialists Lloyd's brokers in the industry and we are certain that this addition will serve vessel owners with the most reliable coverage, backed up by years of Seagull's expertise, know-how, and experience with regards to securing and dealing with various risks in the maritime security world.

Seagull perceives K&R risk as a significant and real threat to shipowners' vessels and those who serve on them around the world. Properly managing a kidnapping or hijacking for ransom situation is essential to protecting the life and well-being of the crew and a company's assets.

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In addition, Seagull Maritime is proud to announce it has been appointed as one of Griffin Underwriting's specialist response and consulting service providers, focused on Crisis Management, Kidnap negotiations, Ransom, Extortion, and Hostage Victim release.

We would like to extend our gratitude to Griffin Underwriters for putting their trust in Seagull Maritime.


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