Offshore Oil and Gas

Offshore oil and gas platforms are high-value strategic assets, crucial to corporate operations and profitability, as well as to national economies and self-sufficiency. as vital as they are, they are  also extremely vulnerable to hostile actions.

Securing the physical infrastructure and the people who work on it are exceptionally complex

Offshore platforms’ isolation amidst vast expanses of open water and fast-changing weather conditions such as fog and storms, further, complicate every aspect of security and with their high-density infrastructure and highly flammable materials on the rig and below it, even a small-scale explosives-based attack could be catastrophic. Kidnap and smuggling are additional threats.


Protecting your offshore rig, support vessels and associated assets requires a comprehensive and adequately provisioned security program.

Planning must be based on a deep understanding of the  threats and  of your operational and  commercial priorities, so that risk mitigation measures are balanced with operational goals.

Seagull Maritime offers a comprehensive answer for all your offshore oil and gas rig security needs, led and staffed by highly experienced security professionals from the leading countries in security and defense

Proven track record

Experience in securing offshore platforms in hostile environments around the globe, including in the middle  East, working with downstream and midstream energy companies, and advising governments on offshore and littoral security and risk mitigation.

Extensive sea-based detection and response capabilities

Best-in-class capabilities and resources, leveraging former naval commandos, high-speed response vessels, and other specialized equipment.

24/7, 360° zone protection

Advanced technologies and manned and unmanned solutions for detecting, tracking and thwarting approaching boats and swimmers, in rough seas, day and night.


Seagull Maritime offers a flexible and comprehensive array of offshore oil and gas rig security services extending from risk assessment and program recommendations to a complete turnkey security service.

Drawing on its extensive experience in offshore platform and  maritime security, Bowline tailors each program and  service to the specific challenges and goals for the individual rig and connected infrastructure, including pipelines and littoral terminals, and processing facilities.


Platform risk assessment

Real-time risk assessment of the offshore rig, relevant littoral areas and the wider region. this forms the basis for security program development and provides risk profiling that can help you with commercial decision-making.

Development of a full security program

Creation of a comprehensive plan covering all aspects of physical and cybersecurity for your offshore platform and its operations, including optimizing the use of your existing security infrastructure. close cooperation ensures a cost-effective program matched to your security goals and commercial considerations.

Proactive ongoing monitoring 

Constant review of local conditions and regional security issues, with recommendations for adjusting procedures, staffing, and infrastructure as appropriate.

Security infrastructure development

Capacity building

Development of the skills, capabilities, staffing, and processes needed to effectively secure the offshore platform.

Training of rig personnel

Onsite training of all personnel with security responsibilities, including guards and marine and defense professionals, command and control staff,  and radar operators

Equipment provisioning

Identify, select and install physical security equipment, including patrol vessels, drones, marine perimeter fencing, marine radar, sonar, and day  and night observation systems, and more.

Ongoing Security Services

Around-the-clock zone protection

A fully integrated set  of security and surveillance assets and services, managed from the Bowline command and control center.


Comprehensive intelligence services and solutions to protect all platform systems, including the computer network and communications, control, and supply chain management systems, against external and internal risks.

Specialised personnel

Provision of skilled individuals and teams to augment your own staff and rapidly  ramp up staffing in a crisis

Periodic security program audits

To ensure procedures are being followed, equipment is maintained, and staff continues to meet security requirements. recommendations for updates and changes are made as needed.

Refresher trainin

Equipment maintenance and  updating


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